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Send request, get offers from more than 100 private jet operators.
We welcome you to the future of business aviation - a future you can touch.
Charterscanner fills the gap of direct communication between customers and private jet operators in the global business aviation market. Save your valuable time and money by booking directly through Charterscanner. We assure that you get quotes directly from the operators and do not charge any commissions or fees. This means ZERO service fees, ZERO commissions and ZERO percent of transaction fees. Our business model is based on the modern internet principle of full transparency.
The Charterscanner’s private jet fleet consists of only the best and modern aircraft with the highest level of quality of across-the-board service.
Private Jet Operators
We are working with all the major business aviation operators. The number of our partners and aircraft provided grows day-by-day.

Charterscanner: do away with your travel planning stress

If you’re a regular plane traveler, you’ll know modern in-flight service is consistently disappointing. Flight check-ins are exhausting, stressful and too long. Cabin crew don’t deliver an individual approach to each passenger. Cabins are not clean. Safety and security standards are not top-level, and you have no control over who you sit next to.

Whether it’s travel for business or pleasure, we all want convenient flights and luxurious, personalized service. And there’s only one way to get what you deserve – Charterscanner, the essential mobile-friendly application to book a private jet flight online. With this private plane booking service, you can wave goodbye to your travel stress.

How to book a private jet

Across mobile or web, Charterscanner is your perfect tool to book a private jet flight online – meeting every one of your needs, expectations and requirements along the way. Private jet booking has never been so easy:

  1. Install the Charterscanner application on your mobile device or visit
  2. Complete the registration form, log in, and verify your account
  3. Tell us where and when you want to fly
  4. Sit back as you receive offers from business aviation operators worldwide
  5. Choose your operator and confirm the flight (either confirm a flight directly with the operator, or use Charterscanner Assist and relax as your personal manager helps organize your flight)
  6. Get ready for take-off! Enjoy the private jet service to the full, without hidden commissions, extra fees and usage charges – Charterscanner is a 100% free and transparent IT solution

Private flights are now a matter of security. Only private jets guarantee the safest, easiest and most cost-effective mode of transport, combined with superior standards of quality, service and style.