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Albert Einstein famously once said: 'Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.'


At Charterscanner we are firm believers in constantly doing things differently in pursuit of excellence and client satisfaction, and it is this mindset that has been the impetus behind our ongoing success. Originating from the realization that private aviation had stagnated both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, we embarked on our journey, with no compromise until we achieved that winning formula.

Enter Charterscanner; the first private charter sourcing and booking platform, that provides a direct interface with the world’s leading operators, empowering customers to source and book a jet within 30 minutes. Driven by digitization and a desire to challenge the status quo, we continue to build on our achievements, furthering our quest to make private jets as easy to book as a conventional airline ticket.

Charterscanner is part of the JC Mobility Group Charterscanner is part of the JC Mobility Group
JC Mobility Group
Co-founders of Charterscanner.com - the online private jet booking system

Charterscanner is part of the JC Mobility Group, which made its mark in the travel industry for having created a new travel class, the “JetClass”, by merging the best of commercial and business aviation, resulting in travellers being able to book and purchase seats on scheduled business jets for the first time.

JetClass innovatively combines commercial aviation characteristics such as multi-platform sales channels from GDS for travel agents and OTA/Metasearch presence, through to the use of business aviation’s private terminals, making the name JetClass as applicable to its business model as it is to the current needs of the market.

With offices across Vienna, Dubai, and Moscow, the JC Mobility Group continues to push the limits of ingenuity, applying cutting-edge technology to business aviation, backed by a team of aviation professionals and industry leading engineers.

Welcome to the new era in business aviation...

Co-founders of Charterscanner.com - the online private jet booking system
Founder & Foundations
Co-founders of Charterscanner.com - the online private jet booking system

Founder Wagas Ali hails from Vienna, Austria with a strong background in technology and an unwavering passion for mobility. His initial insight into the world of business aviation came about from his friends and professional network employed and associated across various sectors of the industry.

With an appetite for knowledge, combined with extensive research, it soon became apparent to him how fragmented and inefficient the industry was. From the use of archaic excel sheets by operators, inefficient utilization of assets with 30% of private jets flying empty, fragmented distribution systems, to problematic payment processes; all resulting in sub-standard operational efficiency, as a consequence, hindering the industry to tap its real potential.

Soon came his prototype of Charterscanner that to-date remains the first B2C charter marketplace, drawing many accolades and in turn new-found investor confidence; all of whom were quick to realize they had a game-changer on their hands.

And this was the beginning of his aviation venture story...

Armed with data, experience, and exposure to the industry, Wagas identified an imminent changing landscape in the wider short-haul commercial aviation segment, with the potential to catapult business aviation to a wider audience.

Henceforth JetClass Airline was launched in 2017, with the vision of bringing private jet travel to the masses. The JetClass Airline model is as simple as it is genius, merging the best of both commercial & business aviation with its mix of single-seat purchase on business jets, operating on fixed schedules from general aviation terminals.

As a mobility enthusiast, Wagas predicts the future of short-haul travel to further change through the advent of electric aircraft, in turn resulting in a more economical and environmentally friendly era of short, point-to-point air travel.

"We will continue to innovate to the ultimate benefit of both traveller and environment alike, and look forward to the next chapter of our story" - Wagas Ali

Co-founders of Charterscanner.com - the online private jet booking system