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Some travelers think renting a private jet is time-consuming. Others think the cost to rent a private jet is too high. Or that that the options for business jet rental are limited. Charterscanner, a groundbreaking mobile and web application, busts the myths about private jet rental.

When you’re looking to rent a private jet, you deserve unparalleled luxury, convenience and one-on-one treatment. By using the Charterscanner app to rent a private jet, you experience the genuine difference between personalized and mass-market services. Whether you’re searching for a domestic or international business jet for rental, we’ll find the best aircraft to serve your specific needs, at a private jet rental cost to suit your budget.

Our private jet fleet includes the latest in high-end aircraft design and technology. In fact, we’re sure you’ll find a private jet rental cost that will perfectly meet your budget, expectations and demands. We work with the world’s most famous and trusted private aircraft operators to ensure provide business jet rental prices that ensure the highest levels of security, comfort and satisfaction. So relax as we organize your private jet rental and remove all the usual stresses of air travel.

Take a look at the benefits of renting a private jet:

How to rent a private jet or rent a business jet

Private jet rental has never been easier, or the cost of private jet rental so affordable:

  1. Install the Charterscanner application on your mobile device or visit www.charterscanner.com
  2. Complete the registration form, log in, and verify your private jet rental account
  3. Tell us where and when you want to rent a private jet
  4. Sit back as you receive offers from business and private jet operators worldwide
  5. Choose your operator and confirm the flight (either confirm a flight directly with the operator, or use Charterscanner Assist and relax as your personal manager helps organize your business jet rental)
  6. Get ready for take-off! Enjoy the private jet service to the full, without hidden commissions, extra fees and usage charges – Charterscanner is a 100% free and transparent IT solution

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

The ultimate cost to rent a private jet depends on several factors: your location and destination, the number of passengers, your chosen aircraft, landing permissions, and any personal requirements.

Charterscanner works tirelessly to ensure that our private jet for rent prices are affordable. When you see how much it costs to rent a private jet with us, you see the transparent price - you will be not charged any hidden commissions or unexpected fees common for business jet rental that are common with traditional airlines.

So, just like all of Charterscanner’s services, calculating the cost to rent a private jet is completely transparent.