Citation Mustang

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Private jet max. range Speed of private jet Passange seat of the private jet Private jet cabin height
Cabin width of private jet
3h 10m 630km/h 4 PAX 1.37 m 1.47 m

Animal-inspired, beautifully rendered

The Citation Mustang is an ideal balance of Citation good looks, performance and efficiency. It's pure-jet performance will enable you to take off from just 3,110 feet (948 m) of runway, climb swiftly to 41,000 feet (12,497 m) and fly 1,150 nautical miles (2,130 km). And with its more-than-ample storage area, advanced engine controls and sleek aerodynamic design, the Mustang is the bold, smart choice for an entire new generation of jet-aspiring aviators. The pressurized cabin accommodates a crew of two and up to four passengers in a spacious club seating arrangement. Standard configuration provides right and left hand forward storage cabinets as well as non-belted lavatory. The Mustang also features 63 cubic feet of external baggage storage. With executive configurations, you get styling appropriate to any high-end luxury vehicle. Sit back in style and comfort in one of the two all-leather deep-cushioned seats featuring stowable armrests. The seats also recline for added stretch-out room and comfort.

Detailed Specifications

A/C Type
Light jets
Cabin height
Cabin width
Cabin length
Max flight time
3h 10m
Max. range
Flight Attendant