Citation CJ4

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Private jet max. range Speed of private jet Passange seat of the private jet Private jet cabin height
Cabin width of private jet
4h 00m 840km/h 7 PAX 1.45 m 1.47 m

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The first flight of the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet was conducted in the spring of 2008, demonstrating in practice that the expectations of its manufacturers were fully satisfied. Following the publication of the Citation CJ4 model's first test results, a noticeable stir rose in the aviation world, which came with no surprise: the Cessna Citation CJ4 exceeded in all key APC parameters - speed, range, takeoff and landing characteristics. Also, this small jet turned out to be lighter and more powerful than expected. Cessna Citation CJ4 wings were designed from scratch, using new aviation computer technology. The result was a reduced copy the 680: the Citation Sovereign, with only a small difference is its contour edge. It is important in terms aerodynamic improvement, when flying at relatively low speeds. This seemingly minor detail - the edge of the wing - has let the Cessna Citation CJ4 exceed its targets set by its designers, in terms of its initial calculations of takeoff and landing values.

Detailed Specifications

A/C Type
Light jets
Cabin height
Cabin width
Cabin length
Max flight time
4h 00m
Max. range
Flight Attendant