Cessna Citation Excel

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Private jet max. range Speed of private jet Passange seat of the private jet Private jet cabin height
Cabin width of private jet
4h 00m 815km/h 8 PAX 1.72 m 1.71 m

Impossible never stopped you before

From the beginning, the Excel combined the comfort of a true midsize with the flying ease and efficiencies of a straight-wing aircraft. Today, that history-making fusion has been coupled with an array of new technology, including some of the world's most advanced avionics. Through the introduction of the XLS, a new category of business jet emerged. A category of one. The XL/XLS combines the big cabin comfort of a midsize jet with the flexibility and freedom of a light jet. It delivers exceptional performance and the largest external baggage compartment in its class with 80 cubic feet (2.27 m3) of space and a weight capacity of 700 pounds (318 kg). The impressive XL/XLS stand-up cabin offers exactly the same cabin height and width as the Citation X. The passenger area extends nearly 19-feet long (5.79 m), providing ample room for center-club seating to accommodate eight passengers with ease. The redesigned XLS lavatory with vanity is large enough to double as a dressing area and provides the ninth belted-seat in the standard seating arrangement.

Detailed Specifications

A/C Type
Midsize jets
Cabin height
Cabin width
Cabin length
Max flight time
4h 00m
Max. range
Flight Attendant