Jetstream 32

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Private jet max. range Speed of private jet Passange seat of the private jet Private jet cabin height
Cabin width of private jet
2h 50m 433km/h 19 PAX 1.82 m 1.92 m

The British Aerospace Jetstream 32 represents further development and improvements to the J31 aircraft. With grew out of an original design of Handley Page. British Aerospace achieved certification in 1982 and produced a total of 226 J31s though the 1980s. The aircraft has been operated in the U.S. by Pan American World Airways, Trans State Airlines, Express I Airlines as well as Atlantic Coast Airlines. It remains in use in a number of Charter and Regional airlines around the world. Powered by Garrett TPE-331-20 engines, the J31 has a max takeoff weight of 15,212 and a useful load of 4,500 lbs. The aircraft has two baggage storage areas, an aft baggage compartment which can carry 628 lbs. and a ventral pod which can carry 435 lbs. The J31 can carry 3,100 lbs. of fuel, burning 800 lbs. of fuel its first hour of flight and then 600 lbs per hour. Its full range (carrying 1500lbs) is 800 miles. It is best suited to short-haul legs at low field elevations (below 4000 ft MSL).

Detailed Specifications

A/C Type
Cabin height
Cabin width
Cabin length
Max flight time
2h 50m
Max. range
Flight Attendant